Factors Causing HUGE Quality Loss In Exported File

Original track + various tweaks + other tracks synced to original.
Volume levels of each track adjusted to avoid excessive clipping in exported file.
Finished project – when played in Audacity – sounds much better than the original.
Project exported to an Ogg file at quality 7.
Exported Ogg file is 30-50% larger than original, but sounds much worse than the original.

It doesn’t seem like there should be that big of a difference between what I hear when playing a project and when playing an exported file.
What can be done to avoid such huge quality loss from project to exported file?
Hopefully without ending up with a permanently huge file size.
Would tracks with a few milliseconds delay be combined in the compression?
Hopefully experts here can offer some clues on the factors effecting the quality of an exported file.
Thanks for this awesome program.

How do you know ? Have you done Tracks > Mix and Render prior to File > Export ?

(Hint: backup your project prior to mix and render).

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Have not been using Mix and Render. Just selecting all tracks and exporting. Then importing exported file and making adjustments (exporting agian) if too much clipping.
Thanks for the reply.

Lowering the volume doesn’t fix the clipping, it only “hides” it from Audacity.

Audacity is just checking the peak level for potential clipping and you can get false negatives or false positives.

Alternate Solution - Audacity uses 32-bit floating-point internally, which virtually has no upper or lower limits and it won’t clip. Export as WAV, 32-bit float, then import and run Amplify or Normalize. It should be OK and then you can export as OGG.

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That explains a lot of what I was seeing / not seeing.
“Alternate…” Awesome!!! Will give it a try. THANKS

Check the “project sample-rate”: it can differ from the sample-rate shown on the track(s) …
If it’s lower the export quality will suffer.

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Thanks! I will check that as well.

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