F.A.Q. forthcoming? :)


might it not help you all not endlessly repeat yourself if you could come up with a F.A.Q.? I feel for you each time I see the same questions.

Either that or just point people to my lengthy post in which you answered everything about becoming a narrator for ACX. :slight_smile:


Yes there should probably be some starter page to point to, but it’s a question of finding the time in between the imperative of answering all types of questions on the Forum.

FAQ’s are in the Manual, not here. Perhaps there should be a FAQ in the Manual pointing to a sticky here.

I am not personally very familiar with the issues involved. But don’t ACX have any help about how to achieve their guidelines?


I thought Koz was working on preparing the draft of a masterwork on recording/processing to meet ACX requirements that we could place in the Manual as a new Tutorial.


'Taint that easy.

As I commented to a friend in a different venue, the tough cases show up wanting to crank out audiobooks with the same budget as a venti half-decaf cappuccino. Then there’s the matter of the noisy USB microphones for which there still is no current accessible cure. So the answer in both those cases is: You don’t.

ACX itself created some very nice videos on how to do this recording thing.


I don’t tend to agree with McElroy on his final processing, but everything up to that is pretty accurate.

I’m contenting myself with blitz writing plug-in plates for testing and “cleaning up” recordings.
‘How to record a clip for the forum’ is currently on its third revision as people poke holes in it.


The woman announcing under a duvet in the bathroom is in final production, but no joy yet. The last submitted clips have problems and will not pass ACX. But that’s instructive. Can you picture a tutorial called: “Recording under a duvet in the bathroom?”

Please note in all of these postings, you can’t go directly from the first post to the last, no matter how big your magic wand is. Do you think Bruno would have listened to us if we had told him at the first post to burn it down, hose it off and start over? Yet, that’s what he did.

How’s that Hollywood sound booth coming along? That technique actually appears in one of the ACX videos, but it was over six months in the making.

It’s nice to think you can post standardized solutions, but I heard an illuminating item on a podcast the other day. The two most popular people on earth are the hotel concierge and Apple Genius Bar. Neither has any discernible structure beyond having enormous resources and a willingness to help. In the case of the Genius Bar a willingness to help at your appointment frequently days away.

So we’re normal.