Ezcap USB Cassette Capture

I have an ION USB Turntable which I have been using successfully, over the last couple of months, copying my vinyl collection onto my computer. Yesterday, I received the Ezcap usb cassette capture and connected via the USB cord to a Dell Dimension 9200, operating Windows XP and a Line-In to my Trust 510EX USB 5.1 Sound Expert device, as is the current set-up for the ION Turntable, which works fine.

So, having connected the Ezcap in exactly the same way as the USB turntable; with exactly the same settings as for a vinyl record; nothing happened! No sound comes from the computer, only when I attach the headphones, can I hear the tracks,

So I found this Forum and this thread, I’ve updated to Audacity 2.0.3. (from 1.24.0, I think it was) but to no avail.

The Dell’s sound playback & recording settings, are set to the Trust 510EX USB 5.1 Sound Expert device; Audacity’s settings are Audio Host – MME / Output Device - 510EX USB 5.1 Sound Expert / Input Device - 510EX USB 5.1 Sound Expert / Input Channels - 2 (Stereo) Input Channels.

In this set-up, I can listen quite happily to a vinyl record but switch cables to the tape player and nothing!

The comment above “The recording input in the Device Toolbar should be set to the USB option. Ensure that the USB device is connected and recognised by Windows before you open Audacity otherwise Audacity will not see the USB device.”; confuses me further as; I have no visible USB option and the tape player doesn’t appear to be recognised by Windows! There is a ‘beep’ when I connect the tape player to the USB port but the tape player is not visible, i.e., “New Hardware Found”.

What’s gone wrong? What do I need to put right? Having spent a good few hours digging out my old tape collection; I’d really like to get the Ezcap working. Any tips or ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks

P.S. There are those that are classed as computer illiterate, I’d class myself as computer dyslexic :wink: Keep it simple :mrgreen:

Thanks for the good details - but please always start a new topic when you want help - even if the other topic seems the same. It’s less confusing, and it means your topic will be noticed because it is unanswered.

I started a new topic for you.

See below.

You mean you have no USB EZcap option in Windows Recording Devices? Does this matter since you are recording by sending the cassette audio to the Trust? Or does the EZcap need power from the computer?

Are you connecting EZcap to the Trust from the same EZcap headphones port that you can listen to in headphones? If not, try connecting from headphones to the Trust.

Like most of these small USB gizmo’s you should expect to have to change the USB cable or the device a few times before it works.