Extremly Slow Startup

I was using Audacity for years and liked it for simple tasks (quick start). Lately I upgraded from version 2.2.2 to version 2.3.2 and I was totally disappointed, because the latter version takes about 10-15 seconds to start. Okay, I use a lot of plugins, but these were the same in the older version. On all my 3 systems (2x Windows 10, 1x Windows 7) the start time of the old version was about 2-3 seconds, and the new version takes about 4 to 5 times longer! Does anybody else have the same problems?

By the way I downgraded on my major system, because the new version is unusable like that!

So you are now using Audacity 2.2.2 and it starts up within a couple of seconds?

Do you know how to unzip a ZIP archive?