Extremely slow conversion to mp3

Hi everyone, I looked around and found some of the questions asked in FAQ, but still no help. Downloaded Audacity week or so ago. It came with a built in mp3 converter. So i downloaded alot of songs from Spotify. To convert 1 song to mp3, via export, it takes 45 minutes minimum. Checked the hrtz bottom left 44100. hrtz under audio trak, mute, solo, 44100. turned off 2 antivirus’s, So what is it I’m doing wrong or missing? Thanks in advance.

Which version of Audacity (look in: “Help menu > About Audacity”).
Did you download Audacity via the Audacity website (https://www.audacityteam.org/download/)?

What happens if you export as WAV?
How long is the exported file? Does it play correctly? Does it stop at the end of the song?

I downloaded Audacity version 2.3.3 two weeks ago. It has the built in MP3 converter. The songs sound fine, easy to navigate. I haven’t exported as a WAV file yet only MP3. I’m not very knowledgeable in these types of areas.

Hey steve, I found part of the problem. when i downloaded the songs from spotify, i didnt individually separate each individual song. So basically I have a 150 long song playlist. I went back to my media player and sure enough, every song I thought i was exporting to MP3 and naming individually, was just the entire playlist all over again from the beginning of the playlist. So Ill have to figure out what to do at this point. :angry:

So you’ve got one 8 hour (ish) MP3? That explains why the export took so long.
If you saved the Audacity project, it will be huge - I hope you have plenty of free disk space.
Did you save the Audacity Project?

So Ill have to figure out what to do at this point.

You can select/highlight one song at a time and then Export Selected Audio (one song at a time).

Or, you can label the tracks and then do it all at once with [u]Export Multiple[/u].

Either way, you’ll have to zoom-in to find the beginning/end of each song.

You’ll probably also want to add the [u]metadata tags[/u]. Your player software needs the artist/title/album/track metadata to find & organize your music. If you want to include the album artwork you’ll need a 3rd-party tagging tool such as [u]MP3Tag[/u].

So i downloaded alot of songs from Spotify.

I assume you know this is a copyright violation and a violation of Spotify’s terms of service? You’ll notice there is no “download” button and obviously if are not streaming or buying the song the artist is not getting paid. (The artist gets less than a penny every time you stream a song.)

It always remained slow, I just download stuff from YouTube, it’s much faster.

I’m puzzled why you joined the Audacity forum to tell us that you don’t use Audacity :confused:

Usually it only takes a few seconds to convert a song, have you checked your internet connection? Or maybe you exported an entire Spotify Playlist. But logically it shouldn’t take that long. Maybe you can try DumpMedia Spotify Converter. It works fast.