extremely loud static exported out of wav file

I edited a wav file in Audacity and exporting the wav file with a different name… after finding out that no program will import the wav file I open up the wav I just exported back up into Audacity and I got REALLY LOUD static that almost blew my ears in my earbud headphones REALLY LOUD distorted static with LOTS of clipping!!! and it seems to always export this edited wav file this way!!!


Which version of Windows are you using?
Which version of Audacity are you using?

Did the audio play OK in Audacity before you exported it?
What was the file name of the file that you exported?
What sort of WAV file did you export? 16 bit PCM?
Was it mono or stereo ?
What project rate were you using?
Is this a one-off problem with on particular project or have you been unable to successfully export any WAV files from any Audacity project?

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