Extracting Instrumental line

Hello Guyz …i got Two Tracks Imported in Audacity …One of them is the Acapella Song and the other one is the Original Mixed Song…i wanted to Extract the Instrumental line through Phase Inverting the Acapella line ( after accurate alignment ) and then Mixing them both to get the Instrumental line…but it doesnt seems to work …Y is that ?

Are they both MP3 clips? MP3 gets its small, efficient files by remixing the show sound. It’s clever about it, but the two voice tracks aren’t the same. Cancellation demands surgical accuracy between the two tracks and that’s not something MP3 does very well.


after accurate alignment

It’s not just alignment. You have to get the volume right, too. That’s the volume sliders to the left of the track. You should be able to get tunnel or honky sound, but I don’t think you’re going to get cancellation.


Both files are MP3 So y Cant they just Disappear once i Inverted the Acapella Version ?? …in other phrase…How do i get rid of the Vocal line using the Acapella Version ?

That is enough to prevent it working. MP3 is lossy encoding and so the voices are not identical in the two recordings.


Damn it … i never thought its that complicated …So it seems ill never get rid of the Vocal Unless i got the same Recording with same Levels with Perfect Alignment…Am i Right ?

Most on-line music and other contend is compressed, reduced quality and smaller file sizes. Even AudioBooks and ACX services use good quality compression. They’re not perfect, either.

We usually recommend searching for and buying the exact version you want rather than trying to make it.