Extract Voice to separate file

I have a mp3 file which is of mixed language translated speech.

  1. One sentence will be spoken in one language, a small gap. The same sentence will be spoke in another language
  2. The same patter continues…next…


Jon is one speaker and Mary is another speak. John knows german and Mary knows english.

Not John is giving a message and mary is translating…When John speaks one sentences, Mary translates it …It goes on…

Now the audio is in single file …

Now i want to save the german speech in one file and english speech in another file

I have nearly 500 files of mixed language - only 2 speakers in each file. Example

English, German
English, Hindi
English, Tamil
English, Telegu


Please kindly let me know.

The only way it’s going to work automatically is if John is on the left and Mary is on the right (or vice-versa).

Otherwise, you’ll have to make two copies and manually delete one phrase at a time.