Extract or Isolate Voices in normal conversation?

I am trying to transcribe a conversation from a meeting for the group being recorded. Please help!

I was hoping to use audacity to transfer a recorded conversation from cassette to mp3, and also enhance the quality/clarity of the voices on the recording. So far, the transferring to mp3 part has been a breeze, but the audio is of terrible quality. There is a loud buzz/hum throughout the recording, and some other paper shuffling and bumping the table too close to the microphone. Other than that, voices are coming from all around the microphone. The closer voices can sometimes be heard even through the hum/other noise, the voices further from the microphone are mostly slight whispers.

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.

Audacity can’t do forensics like in the CSI TV show. We may be able to suppress the hum and buzz a little, but the process is going to take the quiet voices with it.

I don’t know that I would have used MP3 for the sound file. MP3 is a compressed format and creates its own sound damage on top of whatever you already had.

Find a portion of the show what has buzz and hum and no other sound. Use that as the profile step in Effect > Noise Removal. Do these filters and tools to a WAV file from the original capture, not MP3.