extract clips from CD

Have CD on website need to extract 10 second clips of each song with song title in order to post demo on website

There’s always more than one way to do this sort of thing… There is a way to extract a selection by time from a CD, but I haven’t done that for a long time. And,I think it will be easier to “find” the 10-second selection in Audacity.

I’d just rip the CD to individual songs. (Audacity doesn’t rip CDs, you’ll need another application for that.)

Then the track in Audacity and highlight the part you want to delete. (You’ll probably want to deleted the audio in front of the 10 seconds, and then the audio after the 10 second selection). You’ll need to zoom-in to get accurate down to the second. Once you’ve highlighted the part you want to delete, just hit the DEL key on your keyboard.

After deleting everything except your 10 second selection Export the clip to an audio file. If you want to export as MP3, you’ll need to install the optional LAME MP3 encoder.

DVD Doug,

Thank you, I have CD downloaded on MP3 how do I get it imported from MP3?

You mean, you extracted the entire tracks off the CD to individual MP3’s for each song?

If so you can drag the MP3 files into Audacity then they will be on separate tracks in the same window. You would then do File > Export Selection… for each track.

Or you could use File > Open… then each MP3 will be in a separate Audacity window.

But be aware you will lose more quality this way because MP3 is lossy. When you write the new MP3 you have lost quality a second time. If this work is important and you want to do the cutting in Audacity, rip the CD tracks to WAV which is lossless, then import the WAV’s into Audacity.

Note that if you use CDex from http://cdexos.sourceforge.net/?q=download it will extract partial selections from the CD tracks.


I downloaded CDEXOS but cannot get it to work. How about me sending someone my CD Mercy and someone extracting 10 second Clips form 2,3,4,5 so I can put them on my website http://www.creatorisliberty.com, which started in Nov/14 in an effort to get Creation and the Bible back in our Schools. Thank you

You mean, you extracted the entire tracks off the CD to individual MP3’s for each song?

No. He said he has “CD on website.” First sentence.

So now he has downloaded the MP3s from the website to his computer and is ready to break them up into clips for promotion. Did I hit it?


Then he said

I have CD downloaded on MP3

“Have CD on website” is meaningless. Doug also thought he has a physical CD already, as far as I can tell.


So does that mean you have a physical CD you want to rip? Koz says you don’t :confused:

Try this Help2Go - free computer help and advice - CDex Tutorial #9 : Rip Partial CD Tracks.

Otherwise, this is the Audacity Forum. We don’t make CDex, but here is the CDex Forum http://sourceforge.net/p/cdexos/discussion/1794/.