Extra shadings in middle ot two stereo tracks

I am sure that somewhere I have recently clicked on some display parameter by accident, but can’t seem to find how to turn it off and revert to what I usually see when working on Audacity,

I am referring to the lighter gray bands that enclose most of the blue wave-forms.

Where, please, can I hide these/switch them off?

I’m pretty sure I haven’t seen them before!

Many thanks in anticipation!

You’ve clicked on the asterisk “multi-tool” icon

Click on the i-beam icon to revert to normal …

Hi Trebor,

Many thanks for your prompt response!

Yes, I surely must have clicked on the * multi-tool icon by accident, as now it’s looking ‘normal’ again to me.

I have had Audacity for years, and love using it!

Well, I did until I first updated from version to what is, I believe, the current version,

This seemed to cause me trouble with the ‘Noise Reduction’ Effect. Up until when, having got the requested ‘Noise Profile’, I then applied this to the file, this would simply run its course, and when the green bar was full, the effect would disengage.

But with anything above, once the green bar is filled, it seems to keep on going for some time, and not having experienced this before, I’d cancel, and then presumably lose any benefits from the Noise Reduction effect.

So, I have gone back to, which runs perfectly, and forgone any of the ‘extras’ afforded by the 3.4 version and higher.

I have seen comments about this before, around the time of the initial upgrade.

Any information gratefully received.

All best wishes,


I’ve gone further back than that : I mostly use Audacity 2.3.2

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