External XLR Mic won't record

Windows: 7 Home Premium, 64-bit
Audacity: 2.0.3

I have my Shure SM7B external mic,
hooked up to my
PreSonus AudioBox USB,
but Audacity doesn’t seem to recognize it when recording, but had no issue with my computer’s internal mic.

Saw some videos/pages online with settings but they’re not fixing the issue.
I AM a newbie, so there is a chance that Audacity may not be at fault.

My settings: MME > Speakers and Headphones > External Mic > Mono

If I missed other details, just say so. If needed, I can record a video so you folks can get a better idea of what I’m looking at. : )

Plug in the microphone system, let it settle, then launch Audacity. Not the other way around.

Audacity: Edit > Preferences > Devices: Look for your USB Something. It may say the name of the device, it may say something like “USB Audio Device.”

In Quality start with 44100, 16-bit. In Devices, Stereo.

Start there.


Bummer! Still not recording anything, just a flat line! I’ve been fidgeting with the settings on the AudioBox to see if anything would jump, but no luck either!

The PreSonus device should have come with recording software. That would help to determine if it’s an Audacity configuration issue, or something with Windows (or the interface). Other than configuration/set-up issues, the software shouldn’t make a difference… As long as you have a Windows driver, your audio device should work with any Windows audio application (just like your printer works with any application).

You should actually be able to configure the Windows Mixer to hear the sound from the microphone with no applications running. (You may get feedback if your mic is too close to your speakers). You may need to install the drivers if it doesn’t work with the Microsoft-supplied USB drivers. Windows has separate recording & playback “mixers”, so you you don’t always hear exactly what you are recording, but if you can get the digital audio from the USB port into your computer and to the computer speakers, you should be able to record it.

Have you tried the analog outputs (headphone or line) to see if you are getting sound into and out-of the device?