External noises being recorded

Hi there,

Windows 7 SP1, Audacity 2.0.3.

I have a Pioneer DJM800 mixer, with RCA/1/8" heading from the Rec Out to the microphone jack on my laptop (no line in). Audacity is recording my mixes okay, however it also records any external noises e.g. me talking, the TV in the background or the T-Rex that walked past the window. Does anyone have any ideas? Is there a setting in Audacity I’m missing?

Hope you can help!


Which is a problem in itself. Unless you can switch that to line-in you will probably get poor recorded quality. Consider buying and connecting to something like a Behringer USB interface that has a line-in instead.

Are you setting the Device Toolbar input to the external mic? You may be recording from the built-in mic array.


Thanks Gale.

I have a M-Audio USB Transit interface, which I tried but got the same result. I have the Device Toolbar set to Internal Mic.

I went back to using an old version of Sound Forge, with the same result so it’s not the software. Thought it might be the laptop so I went back to my old one and had the same result. Everything worked fine 6 months ago before we moved house, but something has changed - it’s really bizarre.

I will keep troubleshooting and narrowing down the options, maybe my new CDJ’s or thee new speaker setup are having an influence. I’ll keep plugging away.


Isn’t that the problem, as I said? The internal mic is the mic array with small grilles, without a port you can plug an external mic into.

If you are recording into the mic port you need to set the Audacity input device in Device Toolbar to the external mic - it may be called “front mic” or “rear mic” or “side mic” depending where it is located on the machine.

If you only see the internal mic in Device Tolbar (plus “Microsoft SoundMapper” or “Primary Sound Capture Driver”), then Windows is hiding the external mic port and you will have to show then enable it in Windows. Please see here for how to do that http://wiki.audacityteam.org/index.php?title=Mixer_Toolbar_Issues#vistacp .

Similarly if you are plugging your cables into Transit, you need to set Transit as the input device in Device Toolbar.