External mixer problem

Hello, I bought a small 4-channel mixer and connected to the PC to manage the sound of the computer and I have a problem with Audacity: the sound recorded by the microphone is distorted at first, then corrected, and then again distorted. If, on the other hand, I record through the windows 10 “voice recorder” the sound is perfect. What problem can there be? thank you

What is the make / model of the mixer, and how is it connected to the PC?
How are you listening to the recording?

Mixer F-4A (bought on aliexpress), connected by USB port.
Listening through external speakers connected to the mixer

Like this one? https://uk.banggood.com/JIY-F-4A-Audio-Mixer-4-Channel-bluetooth-Mixer-Professional-Karaoke-With-USB-Amplifier-DJ-Sound-Mixing-Console-Music-Studio-Recording-Audio-Mixer-p-1727969.html?cur_warehouse=CN&ID=6287830

Is that with the USB connector on the back, or on the top?
Is the “USB/PC” button on the back pressed in?

Do you have any headphones?

What are you recording?
Are you overdubbing?

Yes, like this one

The USB connector is on the back.
The “USB/PC” button on the back is not pressed.

I record my voice by microphone

Unless you have a full user manual for the mixer that says otherwise, I think that should be pressed in.
The mixer should NOT be connected to your computer’s audio input or output. The only connection between the mixer and computer should be the USB connection.

The connection between PC and Mixer is correct, as per various videos on youtube and instructions

I was looking on the internet, but was unable to find the manual for this mixer.

One thing you can try is to a) make sure the Windows and Audacity sample rates are all the same and b) try changing between 44100 and 48000.

The Audacity rate is in the lower left-hand corner and the Windows rate can be found by typing “mmsys.cpl” in the Windows search bar, then Recording > Properties > Advanced > Default rate.

Hi, windows frequency is 48000 and I also set audacity to 48000, but the problem persists!