External Mic Doesn't Show

I have a blue yeti mic, and just installed the newest Audacity version.
I’ve tried all of the advice, but it still won’t show up.
*Plugged it in before launching the app
*Transport > Scan devices
*Preferences > Devices

Any other explanation? Thanks!

Does the Yeti MUTE light come on steady? The microphone is in Mute when the light flashes. Otherwise it signals everything is OK.

Apple Desktop > Apple (upper left) > System Preferences > Sound > Input.

Is the Yeti there? Does the soundmeter jump when you speak or make a sound?


Launch Audacity.

Audacity (upper left) > Preferences > Devices > Recording. Is the Yeti there? It may not say Yeti. Some makers don’t name the driver software.

Don’t leave out any steps. Each step depends on the one before working right.