External Interface compatibility

Yeah, I totally agree with the extra backup copies. I was kinda figuring to go to optical on DVD although I’m seeing some poop that maybe you can get a blu-ray for the 'pooter…I need to check into that when time allows. Apparently you can put a crapload on one of those discs.

In the meantime…my friendly neighborhood UPS man is supposed to be delivering a PreSonus FireBox to me on Monday. Got it from B&H for $148 on the last day that they had it for that price, it is now up to $199. Price was a major factor here but also I dug deeper into various reviews and found one by Craig Anderton who has been doing electronic stuff for musicians for decades, and he gave it a very positive review.

DISCLAIMER: I post prices solely for reference - I am in no way connected to the manufacturer or distributor other than as a paying customer. I hope this doesn’t ruffle anyones feathers…

I also discovered that I can get a copy of the PreSonus “Studio One Artist” software package for free with proof of purchase of the FireBox (also applies to several other PreSonus FireXXX products). It looks interesting and appears to be pretty much a newly written recording software package. While I don’t plan on abandoning Audacity, if “Studio One” solves compatibility issues with the interface (you’d THINK being from the same manufacturer this would NOT be an issue…although I learned a long time ago not to hold my breath on that sort of stuff :laughing: ) and I want to then transfer say a .wav file to Audacity if I don’t like the “work” side of “Studio One” it opens up some interesting options…potentially. Who really knows for sure until ya play with the stuff???

So, I guess I’ve stepped in it now !!! :laughing:


So that would be “version one?” What could go wrong?


Mixing and matching different equipment and programs for different parts of the recording process is often a good way to get the job done.
I usually use a hard disk recorder, or a Zoom H2 for recording, Audacity for editing and Gnome Wave Cleaner for cleaning up recordings.

Something about “That’s not a bug, it’s an undocumented feature!” comes to mind… :laughing:


Eeyup, I play that game. Bottom line is to get your production accomplished…all the “stuff” are just tools of the trade. What works, what I can afford, etc - that’s what I use.