External Device Not Recognized

Hi, all,

I’m attempting to tansfer songs I wrote & recorded a looooong time ago on an old Atari using Cubase, that I only have on cassette (Yeah… that old).

I’m using a Dell Inspiron, Windows 10 Home Edition, Audacity version 2.4.2.

I have the cassette deck hooked up from its headphone jack into a USB connector into the PC.

But despite going to the Windows and Audacity innards, and doing all that both say to do, in Audacity my only options are to record via a mic or Microsoft Sound Mapper (?).

What am I doing wrong? I didn’t have connection problems in the past, but I may have connected directly from the deck’s headphone jack into the headphone jack of the computer.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

Exactly what USB device or “cable” do you have? …A regular USB soundcard might “work” but they are like laptops with only mic-in and headphone-out. You need line-in for a line-level or headphone-level signal.

Plug-in the USB device before starting Audacity or it won’t see it.

Right-click the Windows Speaker/Volume icon and select open sound settings. Then check what Input (or Recording) Devices you have. If Windows doesn’t see it, Audacity won’t see it either.

I only have on cassette

That’s an audio cassette, right? Not a data cassette? You can hear the music with headphones?

Correct. Sound cassette from “the old days” – male mini plug from tape player to standard USB connector into tne PC.

male mini plug from tape player to standard USB connector into tne PC.

There is no “standard” USB audio interface… The [u]Behringer UCA202[/u] is popular. (It has RCA connectors) or there are lots of higher-end [u]USB audio interfaces[/u] with switchable mic/line inputs. (These typically have combo XLR/1/4-inch connectors).

The same slot I use to plug in a thumb drive on the PC is what I’m using. I’m not using a separate interface. It’s male miniplug from player into USB slot on the PC.