External control (start/stop/play, ...)

I would to know if a software interface is available in audacity to control the software, just like start stop, resume, set cursor at specific time, select tracks and mute/solo ?
If it is available, how can I use on Windows ? Linux ?
If it is not available, it could be great to add it.
Thank you in advance

Can I extend that by saying you want to do this in Chicago with the Audacity running in Los Angeles, right?
No Recording? Koz

I remember fuzzily that someone got this to work using remote desktop software like NX. I know I’ve been able to get VidCap video recording software to work like that. The only problem is when you establish the connection, the machine at the “far end” has to OK the connection, so for that instant, you need to be in both places at once.

The Systems people solved that by making the confirmation software write back to my local screen. Of course, that only works between two fixed machines, not globally.


:slight_smile:, not really
I’m working on a simulator and want to use Audacity record all comunications. The simulator allows to replay a training, I’m able to control this replay mode for the simulator thanks to a dll that allows me to control the simulator software, I would to have the same functionnality available from my application to control at the same time and in the same way, the simulator and Audacity to syncrhonise the replay vidéo and sound.