Extensive blank space at end of tracks

Hi. Hoping you guys will be as helpful as always. I’ve completed formatting for my Podcast which consists of 4 separate tracks. However, all the tracks show extensive blank space at the end which will not be deleted stretching 14 minutes of content to about 30 minutes altogether. Please let me know how I can get rid of the blank space at the end. Everything was going great with this one and I was about to launch! I guess that is life! Thank you!

select the excess blank space, then press delete key, or “Ctrl”+“X” keys, or select delete from edit menu.

Hi Trebor, is there a way to somehow automatically do this? I have so many tracks with the blank space at the end…

Truncate silence could do it. NB: “detect silence” duration will have to be longer than any silence in the show if you apply truncate silence to the whole show.