ExportWAV using FFmpeg won't export 24 bit

I create a new chain using the ExportWAV
parameters for ExportWAV can’t be set in chain edit box so…
I create a dummy file with a sine wave
set export params using Custom FFmpeg export from pulldown in save dialog
Open Custom format options in same dialog box
set to wav and pcm_s24le
close dummy wav file
go to Apply Chain
set to folder of aiff files
hit “OK”
exports to a new folder called “cleaned”
check the files using “sndfile-info” on command line
all the files are 16 bit as seen here

File : myfilepath/cleaned/myfile.wav
Length : 118327284
RIFF : 118327276
fmt  : 16
Format        : 0x1 => WAVE_FORMAT_PCM
Channels      : 2
Sample Rate   : 44100
Block Align   : 4
Bit Width     : 16
Bytes/sec     : 176400
data : 118327240
is this a known bug using FFmprg?


It’s a “limitation”.
The only export options that are currently supported in Chains are those that are listed in the interface. FFmpeg is not currently supported at all in Chains, but I shall log your interest in this feature on the Audacity wiki “Feature Requests” page.

“Vote” added.

thanks! I ended up using the “other uncompressed files” to do what I needed but having access to FFmpeg would be very handy as would being able to set params using ExportWAV :slight_smile: