I have created a file using Serf Morpheus file type AML
I have created another mp3 file and brought both files into Audacity.
I now want to export the combined files so that I can upload to Youtube.
Does anyone know how to do this please
Tony Jackson

YouTube does not support audio files. You need to make a video file. Audacity does not support video.
See here for supported formats on YouTube: http://support.google.com/youtube/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=55744

Thank you for answering. I failed to mention that I converted the morph file to avi before putting it in audacity but I can this this makes no difference if Audacity does not support video. Thanks again

Audacity has better audio processing/editing abilities than most video editors, so a common procedure is to open a video in a video program and export the audio track as a WAV file. The WAV file can then be edited / processed in Audacity and exported from Audacity as another WAV file. The new (edited) WAV file can then be imported back into the video editing program to replace the original soundtrack.