Exporting with spacing/tails

Hey guys, I don’t know if this is possible to do in audacity but is it possible to export all my tracks at once and with proper spacing so that I can import them into FlStudio and not have to line them up. Thanks!

To do that you need to ensure that all tracks start at time=0.

If any tracks have audio before time=0 (indicated by two small arrows on the left end of the track), you need to trim the track so that it starts at time=0.

If any tracks have empty space at the start, you need to generate some silence at the start.

How would I add silence?

Select a bit of the empty space at the start of the track (click and drag). Then “Generate menu > Silence”.

The Silence generator will default to the exact length of the selection, so it does not move any audio clips later in the track, provided that you made a selection before generating the silence.