Exporting With effect on

Hello. I am new to this program, so excuse me if I ask a stupid question. I tried searching on the web but couldn’t find a solution, so im seeking for help here. I recorded two separate tracks and on one of them I am using the AU Spherical Head Panner Effect. But when I go to export, if this effect is on, the whole track goes silent when exporting.

What happens if you play the project with the effect on?

I can hear the track perfectly

Something worth trying, (no guarantees) …
Pause, (not stop) the track when it is playing with the RealTime effect engaged, then mix & render to a new track.

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Tried, but it didn’t work unfortunately. Thanks for trying to help though. Appreciate it.

The free IEM plugins include a sphere panner

Allegedly Mac compatible, (they work in Audacity on Windows).

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I downloaded it but still no result :confused:

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