Exporting, weight problem

This is a puzzle for me. Why is it that when I export the whole project at once in wav format, signed 16-bit PCM, the file comes out with a weight of 256 BPS, while when I use the same settings, but when exporting multiple files [tracks] the exported files are inflated, and 3 times heavier. 756 bps . If anyone has an explanation for this, and how to solve it, I would greatly appreciate it.

It doesn’t. A 16-bit mono 44.1 kHz sample rate WAV file has a bit rate of 706 kb/s (706000 bps).

You mean bitrate/file size? kilobits per per second? kilobytes per second?

Usually we only talk about “bitrate” for compressed files but bitrate for uncompressed files can be calculated as:
Sample rate in Hz x Bit depth x Number of channels.

i.e .CD audio is 44.1kHz x 16kHz x 16-bits x 2 channels = 1411kbps.

And there are 8-bits in a byte so that’s 176 kilobytes per second (or about 10MB per minute).

Sorry for the lack of clarity in my question. Below are the exact data. This is a project with the following data: mono, 16000, 16 bit PCM,
But really this was a problem that I had in a previous version of the software, now I see that in every type of export I get a result of 256 KBPS [exactly so, not as I wrote by mistake earlier].
So basically according to what I see now the problem is solved.
Thank you very much everyone, your kindness is outstanding.