Exporting WAV files in order

Hello. I’m using Audacity 2.0.3 along with Win 7. I’ve been reading the manual and saving myself lots of typing by adding tags using the Metadata Editor.

When I export WAV files they go into the folder in alphabetical order rather than the order they are recorded. I’m having to add a number in front of the title, kind of like an mp3 data file, to arrange them in the proper order.

I’ve looked around the manual and can’t find the solution for this one. Is there a trick to getting them in the way I want, rather than alphabetically?

Thank you.

A Music CD Authoring Program will allow you to mix songs in any order you wish completely independently of the filenames (which Music CDs don’t support). Some players can produce a playlist and that, too will allow you to rearrange music files. All others are subject to the computer file system – generally alphabetic although some OSs allow you to reverse the order or order by date or by filesize.

Yes, 001MyMusic is a good a way as any. Make sure to put the leading zeros in in case you go over 9 or 99.
I put the date first:



Getting the track in order is a minor issue to be sure.

Thank you.