Exporting WAV causes echo


I recently finished a voice recording on 2.3.0 on my windows 10 computer, which sounded great on the app. However, once I went to export it (WAV) the audio changed. My voice now has more bass and for some reason now has a noticeable echo.

I’m at my wits end for how to fix this since I noticed a few other older threads that had a similar issues BUT only for MP3 exports.

Any advice would be amazing!


How are you listening to the export? Open up the exported sound file in Audacity. Still sound funny?

You can get magic like this if you listen in mono and you have a damaged stereo sound file. Is the original sound work in stereo, two blue waves? How are you listening?


This is a stereo test file. You should be able to hear all four segments. The last segment is intentionally damaged so it may sound weird or maybe like coming from behind you.

If a segment vanishes, you have a damaged monitor system.


“This is my voice on the left…”