Exporting tracks with a "clean" title track

Hi guys! My first post here…

I have been using Audacity for a couple of years for modifying audio files. I do not make music on my own. I am just an avid collector of music. I often stumble upon tracks which are just too low in their volume and need some amplifying. In the past I used to use the “chains” option for importing and exporting larger batches of files at the same time. However, I believe that it would be faster by simply exporting multiple files by adding a few files into one project, but… this method screws up the titles of the tracks in programs which are used for playing audio files - I use MediaMonkey. When I export just one file it is great - the title track is the way it should be when I add it again. But with multiple export the track files come up as “06_fabrikc-x3” when I add them again - unnecessary underscores and whatnot.

Please help me find a way to do it the fastest as I have been trying my luck for two days now.

I am sorry about this but I do not know how to edit my previous post. My Audacity version is - 2.3.2.