Exporting tracks from a project

Hi, new here. I just downloaded Audacity because my XP/Cool Edit machine died… and here’s’ what I did:
I have a bunch of tracks my daughter recorded to her phone. She sent them to me to make into a cd. Two of the tunes (tracks) were very quiet, so I put all the tracks into a single Audacity window so I could Normalize them to a relative volume. Now, I don’t see how to export the tracks individually…

I would have used individual project windows, but I don’t see how I could then normalize the tracks. I have NOT read the manual, but time was sort of a thing, and now here I am. Ok… so is there a way to export the now normalized individual tracks? Thanks for your time!


Audacity has an “Export Multiple” feature: https://manual.audacityteam.org/man/export_multiple.html
There’s also an option in the File menu to “Export Selected” audio.