Exporting Track With Audio & Music To MP3??


Would anybody know how I can save chapters of an audio book to MP3? I have recorded chapters with voice in mono and purchased background music in stereo and and have various background music tracks running while I am talking within a chapter.

I have saved all the chapters separately and would like advice on if that is the correct way to do it, and when I sell it can I have a file with the complete audiobook in it even though the chapters are all separate within my Audacity folder, is there a way to have it seamlessly running each chapter after another?

Also would I export as export multi as when I tried that earlier the tracks in one chapter were all saved separately (1 voice & 2 music tracks) as MP3 in my Audacity folder. I also have the latest edition of Audacity with Lame but no MP3 or WAV option when I click file which older Audacity software seems to have.

Any help with this is much appreciated.


I don’t know the correct answer, but when I put music in my podcast, I convert it down to mono. (I end up with a mono narration track and a mono music track, and sometimes a third mono sound effects track.) When I export to mp3, it’s all one mono track.

I would assume, if I wanted to go the other way and have a stereo mp3, I would need to convert my mono tracks to stereo before exporting to mp3.

Other than making sure all tracks are in the same format (mono or stereo), you shouldn’t have to do anything fancy.


Just to clarify that:
If all of the tracks are mono, then the exported file will be mono.
If any of the tracks are stereo, then the exported file will be stereo.
To export a stereo file, you do not need to convert all of the tracks to stereo - if there is any stereo in the show, then the exported file will be stereo (any mono tracks will simply be in the centre of the stereo field, unless you “pan” them with their track “pan” control).

Many thanks for both your replies!