Exporting to WAV

I am in the process of copying all my cassette tapes with a view to putting them on my Classic iPod. I have successfully copied many tapes but the odd one or two will not export to WAV. The program says it is exporting but when I check my Music File, only the aup file is there. Please advise, many thanks Ann

I have now found a solution to my problem! My odd files would not export to WAV because I’d included in the name - dots and dashes. I found this out by searching this Forum which led me to the Tutorial which said if you include symbols, it would not export! Perhaps this will help other users.

The AUP file is created when you Save a show. It’s not a sound file. To get a real sound file, you have to Export one. Punctuation is dangerous in filenames because computers use those to point to folders and directories. That’s one reason your sound file may not land where you think it’s going to – or in worse case can damage the computer.