Exporting to WAV problem with dropout labels

I am using Audacity 2.4.2 on windows 10. New user recording LPs. I get one or two dropout labels in the track bars. I want to export to tracks using labels. The export treats the dropout label like the labels I create for tracks and creates a wav file starting at the dropout.
How do I prevent this from happening? I have turned off dropout detection as a brute force way, but would prefer to have the dropouts detected in case a given LP has lots of problems.

If you already have a label track before you start then the dropout detector will create a new label track for its dropout labelling. Export Multiple always uses the topmost label track so will ignore the dropout label track - or you can just delete it afyer you have dealy with the dropouts.

If you had m=no label track to start with

  1. deal with the dropouts
  2. delete the dropout label track
  3. create a new label track for labels at your song breaks
  4. Export Multiple.

BTW it’s not your LPs that cause the dropouts its the PC/soundcard/drivers that will be doing that.


Perfect. Thanks.