Exporting to MP3

I am having problem exporting one file as MP3 or WAV. WAV is not working at all, and for MP3, it makes a some sound and goes blank after. It is about 6 minute track which is running fine on Audacity. I have updated Audacity files. I am unable to attach the file with my comment for you to see as the size is more than that is allowed. Please help. I am stuck, and this is my student’s project. Most students didn’t have any problem.

WAV is not working at all

Does it throw an error? It just stops? MP3 export takes addition software and tricks, but WAV is the natural Audacity Export.

Make sure the show is loaded and displayed beginning to end (Control-F “Full”). Do a screen capture and post that.

What is the show? It’s pretty unusual for a show to play on the Audacity timeline but not Export. Are you using good filenames? I don’t think it’s this, but it’s worth a shot. No dates or punctuation marks?

When you do export, do you get a six minute file that’s blank, or the export itself just grinds to a halt.

Do you have enough drivespace for your show? Are you filling up your hard drive(s)?