Exporting to MP3 does not include all tracks


I am using Audacity in Windows 7. I have Audacity 2.0.5 and LAME is installed.

Until today, I have been successfully recording voice tracks and adding an intro MP3 and outro MP3 as separate tracks. I then save the file as an .aup file and export to MP3 format for broadcasting as a podcast. I use the same into and outro as this has become my signature tune. As I say all worked well until today.

Today’s recording plays as desired as an .aup file. However, when I export it as an MP 3 file, only the 8 second long intro track is played back. The file details show the correct length of the recording (just over 9 minutes and 20 seconds including the 8 second long intro and the same for the outro) and the meta information is correct. I do get the box saying it is rendereing the track in stereo.

I have searched the Internet for a solution to this problem, and although there are may listings about file exporting issues in Audacity, none privide a solution to the issue I have. I cannot be the first person to have had this issue, so does anyone have the solution?

Thanks in advance for your help.

Is there a fault in your MP3 player application and which application is that? What happens if you drag the exported MP3 back into Audacity? Is it the full length?


Thanks for you input.

I made a copy of the recording and deleted the MP3 tracks I had imported, leaving the audio recording I made in Audacity. That was silent when I played back the exported MP3 of it but played in the aup file. So the error had to be with that track.

After some trial and error, I discovered that Audacity was muting all but the intro track - I have no idea why that should be. I un-muted all tracks and the .aup file exported correctly as an MP3 file. That solved the problem an has put me on guard against this happening again.

Yes, tracks that have the Mute button down are not exported: http://manual.audacityteam.org/o/man/exporting_audio.html . Though I’m not sure if you had all but the intro track with the Mute button down why the length would be correct, unless you had silence padding after the intro.