exporting to itunes

I have created a wav file from a cassette tape and imported it to itunes. However, it sits in my library as a complete track without separate songs when I right click “get info”. When I use the label track, it separates the files, but then i have to import each song, one at a time. Is there any way to import the track to itunes and have it end up like the other existing songs in my itunes library? I am way early at this, so I’m sure I am missing a lot here. Any help?

While your performance is still on the timeline, set a “Label” (Apple-B on a Mac) at the beginning of each song you want to export. Then, Export Multiple (not Export) and all the songs will form a little pile. Drag the whole pile over to iTunes for importing. Remember to set iTune’s importing specifications in its Preferences. I personally use AAC-128. It gives good file sizes and acoustically, it’s invisible.

No, you can’t transfer the song titles (that I know of). You have to put those in while the music is in iTunes.

Sometimes, if you have it set up that way, iTunes will be able to figure out the album and song names from the on-line database. It’s a little scary how well it works.


Maybe I’m not understanding your comment, but I’ve been putting in titles and album information in Audacity (1.3.5) before I do the ‘Export Multiple’. After creating all of your labels, go to File->Open Metadata Editor. Enter all of the album data, leaving off track title and track number. Close that dialog.

Now do the Export Multiple. For each label (song track) it will pop up the metadata dialog, allowing you to modify the song title or any other information you enter earlier. The track title should be seeded with the label text. After you close the last one all songs will be individually exported.

To import to iTunes, I normally use File->Add Folder to Library… My MP3s stay where I created them, iTunes doesn’t copy them anywhere. Usually (OK about 60% to 70% of the time) iTunes will find appropriate cover art for the album if I entered the artist and album name reasoanably. (For instance, iTunes found art when I entered “The Moody Blues” for an album, but not when I had just typed “Moody Blues”.) For those that iTunes doesn’t find artwork, I dredge one up from the web (wikipedia or Amazon) of take a digi-picture of my album.


<<<I’ve been putting in titles and album information in Audacity (1.3.5) before I do the ‘Export Multiple’.>>>

Then you win. We’ll do it that way.