exporting to iTunes

I am a total newbie. Just got a USB turntable. I successfully recorded a track to Audacity (on my iMac). I think I exported the track successfully to my desktop. But I simply cannot find a way to add the track to my iTunes library. Help! (I tried both dragging the icon into the library and using a command. Neither works.)

Did you try dragging the track onto the iTunes icon? If that doesn’t work then there is something wrong with your exported file. You missed a step somewhere.

What format did you export the file in? MP3? AIFF? How big is the file (click on the file in the Finder then File > Get Info)?

Are you using the version of Audacity that come with your USB turntable? if so you probably have version 1.2.x. I strongly recommend that you upgrade to the latest version:


– Bill

Thank you Billw58! Never in a million years would I have thought to drag the file to the iTunes icon on the dock. (And I must say that nowhere did I see that particular instruction. In fact, it said to drag it to the iTunes library.) Anyway, your advice worked instantly. Again, thank you so much!

If you hold the control key while you click on a file, it will offer you “Open With?” and a list of applications appropriate to that file. If you have a multi-button mouse (I can’t handle the one-button mouse) that’s the equivalent of right-click.