Exporting to itunes, normal workflow not working


I am using Audacity 1.3.12 to digitized a lot of my LPs and 45 singles.
I have used audacity for years and had no trouble recording and editing them. However, I have never tried to send anything from it to my ipod and itunes directly (the audio I’m used to always was for film etc so I had a full suite at my disposal at the time)

Last week I exported uncompressed 32 bit 44100 waves and put them in itunes and they played just fine on my iphone. But now I have an ipod Classic that replaced by broken touch and the songs will play in itunes, from both the computer and the ipod, but not on the ipod itself. They just hang or get skipped. My phone might have worked because of the fact that it is jailbroken and I have a lot of multimedia extensions.

I followed WaxCylinder’s workflow but it isn’t working for me. I’ve tried every export option and setting, and every conversion inside itunes

I could probably get it done by burning a Cd then reimporting it but I’d rather not, as I have a lot of stuff to import (gone through several LPs so far and have a stack of about fifty left, and a couple need to be redone VERY carefully such as the original 1971 Stairway to Heaven LP).

It may be itunes and not any settings in audacity, but I’d rather start burning CDs than listen to an apple rep’s crap… the last time I talked to one, he tried to offload a supposed “quad core i7” macbook on me and I had to demonstrate to him and the other customers that it was only a dual core).

Anyways, I ramble (funny, Cole’s Ramblin Rose is the next to be ripped lol)

Any Ideas?


p.s: custom build Windows 7 Ultimate machine with 12GB Ram, intel i7 920 w/ OC, latest itunes, ipod classic 160GB with 2.0.4 firmware, and a numark USB turntable

FIXED: It turns out that it was my iPod, not Audacity settigns

The main reason that I thought it was audacity was the fact that the rest of the iPod was working including other high bit rate songs that I’ve had for a while.


Phew … you had me worried there for a bit

glad you got it sorted - and thanks for posting back