Exporting to 5.1 and error HELP

For years i have been using Audacity to export sound tracks to different channels for my Halloween display. My pc was running Xp and a turtle beach USB 5.1 sound card. I have several animatronic skeletons and need send the audio track to different channels for each skelly. The program I use to make and run my routines is Visual Show Automation. This set up work perfect for me up until I got a second pc with windows 7.

When I export in Audacity to different channels and bring into VSA i get this error:

“RenderFile: Pins cannot connot due to not supporting the same transport”

Do any of you Gurus have a fix?

Thanks in Advance

That seems to be a VSA error (unrelated to Audacity) so I doubt that anyone here will be able to help.
Have you tried asking Brookshire Software ?

Thanks for the reply, yes I have been in touch with Brookshire. They don’t know why this is happening, for years i didn’t have an issue. He sent me a link to use this
wavavimux.exe. I have no idea what this is.

What exactly does Audacity have to do with this? Are you using Audacity to create multi-channel audio files? If so, do you know the exact format that the multi-channel files need to be?

I have been using Audacity for years exporting files to 5.1 wav formats (different skellys with separate speakers) and never had an issue using a PC running XP.
I upgrade to a PC running windows 7 and now none of my files will load. I am just looking for some expert help that is all.


An example of “exact format”:
6 channel, 16-bit Microsoft PCM WAV, 44100 Hz sample rate.

What should your files be?