Exporting the real-time plotter from audacity technology


I am building a desktop application for as a hobby project and would like to be able to plot high frequency (around 20kHz) time-series data from a sensor in real-time to a GUI. I know that when I record using Audacity it does this on the screen in real-time, do you know if and how I can export this real-time plotting functionality into my application?

I have tried to attach and record from my sensor via audacity by interfacing the signal through the audio jack on my computer and it works well, after playing around with the settings. Now I just want to export this plotting functionality onto my app and plot there.

Help would be much appreciated.


I don’t think that Audacity will be suitable for your needs, but here is the relevant part of the code: https://github.com/audacity/audacity/blob/master/src/TrackArtist.cpp