Exporting STEMS but Audacity not keeping original length

Audacity 2.1.0 on Mac OS X El Capitan 10.11.3


Hoping someone can help me with this. I have a song with 7 stems (individual tracks), loaded in Audacity. They all constitute different portions of the song e.g. Percussion, synth, FX etc.

I have lined them all up on Audacity so that when you hit play, the timing is perfect and it all sounds like one track.

Now I would like to export each track (stem) for mixing and mastering purposes.

However when I export any stem (e.g. Percussion 1) it only exports the WAV file with the length of time of that particular track.

My song is 7 minutes long, and I would like audacity to export each individual track (stem) with a 7 minute duration. This would mean that if I played Percussion 1 (which is only 1 minute long in sound) I would then have 6 minutes of silence.

I want this done for each stem, because then the mixing/mastering professional can just upload each WAV file into his DAW and the structure will be perfect as each track has the appropriate silence time.

Currently what is happening is that when I export e.g. Percussion 1, it exports it as a 1 minute file. I have tried muting all other tracks and exporting, but audacity still somehow detects the silence and makes Percussion 1, one minute long. I have tried selecting the full 7 minutes in Percussion 1 and trying export selected track, but audacity again makes it 1 minute long.

What I would like audacity to do is export each track (Stem) as 7 minutes long, silence and everything!

Thank you for your help!

One way is to make a silent track on the bottom longer than anything else. Select that plus the desired track and File > Export > Selected. Audacity will create a mixture of everything you selected at the length of the longest track. That will also solve the gap problems in Time Shift Tool, although I don’t think Audacity 2.1.2 has that problem any more.