exporting song from audacity to windows media player HELP

Hi, Newbie here, I’m using Audacity 2.1.2 on my PC with windows xp (off line). I’ve recorded music into Audacity, polished it up with click removal etc, now I’m trying to export it to windows media player so I can burn it to cd. I know how to burn it once it’s there, the problem is getting it there! I go to file open the song up, go back to file to export audio and Audacity tells me to first import the song RAW after that I go back to file to export audio and from there it’s down hill!! I’ve opened media player and of course it’s not there HELP!!! I’m not computer techie inclined, so If you could help me in plain English I would really appreciate it, Thanks in advance, Greg

You need to export your audio as a WAV. See here for more detail:


And then have a look here if you need help with the actual burning of the CD:


Thanks for getting back to me. I did export it as a wave, I believe it defaults to 16 bit wave…Tried all of that, followed prompt screens and would get messages from Audacity saying it didn’t recognize the file etc etc. If you could walk me thru the steps to get it to export to windows media player (I’ve read the Audacity manual, and it really doesn’t prepare you for all the different screens and what to click etc etc). Thanks, Greg

Audacity does not burn CD’s so after Audacity has exported the WAV that is the end of its involvement.

In Windows Media Player, switch to the Burn tab.

Open Explorer and find your exported WAV.

Drag the WAV into the Burn list of Windows Media Player.