Exporting "selected" audio has disappeared

Hi all. I just ran the latest update of Audacity (3.4.0) and can no longer find “export selected audio” under File/Export Other. This is hugely useful function for me as I export individual clips from the same track as distinct .wav files for work. Am I doing something wrong? Can this feature be reinstated? Without it I’m back in the dark ages. Thanks!

Exporting Audio has been consolidated into am improved Export dialog for 3.4.0

Use File > Export Audio


Thanks, I now see the “current selection” option. Great. One last thing though. The default WAV format is what I want, but if I don’t add “.wav” at the end of the file name it doesn’t format the file as anything. Is that also an oversight on my part or do I need to always type .wav?

It’s a minor bug that should be fixed for the upcoming 3.4.1 maintenance release.

I tested the fix in a developer’s branch build this afternoon and it worked properly. Muse assure me that the fix should be in 3.4.1


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