Exporting samples from an audio track without silence before each sample

Hi there!

A few years ago I was using a laptop with Windows 7 and an older build of Audacity to pull out samples from a longer audio track. I discovered that all I had to do was highlight the section I wanted from the original audio track, type Ctrl-D, and Audacity would duplicate that portion of the original audio to a new track. Also, when I went to export these samples (using Export Multiple, IIRC) these samples were already cut such that the only audio in each file was exactly and only the sample I’d selected.

Today I’m now using a desktop with Windows 10 and using build 3.1.3, and I’ve tried to repeat the process, but the exported samples are no longer trimmed like they were previously. These samples are preceded by seconds or minutes worth of silence equivalent to the timestamp of the sample’s original location in the original track. Then the sample is played, and then that’s the end of that file.

I’m wondering if something changed with Audacity, or am I missing some checkbox that needs to be checked or unchecked?

Try Edit > Preferences > Import/Export > Ignore blank space at the beginning