Exporting recorded zoom meetings via WASAPI as audiobook


Due to the current state of the world, I record the lectures from my university classes as they go on Zoom and Panopto via the WASAPI speakers loopback (all with permission of course), and then edit out the brakes and general moments of silence.
My goal is to eventually have an audiobook for each course and the classes will be the chapters.
Is there a setting for that when extracting?
Is it possible to add chapters on the go (meaning that know I’ll have a file with x chapters and as the weeks will go by I’ll add more and more)?

[The main reason for this is that the audiobook apps are really comfortable for listening to such things and, as opposed to podcast apps, don’t require me to post the files online and then try and grab them through RSS feed (as far as I know)]

Thanks in advance!

You want a Software CD. Start at the beginning and play the whole thing, or skip forward or backward to a named chapter and play everything from then to the end.

You can do that with web coding.

iTunes can do that with playlists.

Screen Shot 2020-04-13 at 17.11.11.png
Jump in anywhere and it will play to the end. Add or Reorder as needed. I think it will even Auto Play/Shuffle. I’ve never tried that. Appropriately enough, this is the software they use to burn an Audio CD.

Of course, the last “update” to the Mac scrambled iTunes, so goodness knows if it will still do that. I’m doing this on an older machine.

If you find something other than those two, post back.


Sorry for the late reply, from some reason I didn’t get the notification to my email.

I thought about using it as a playlist, but when I play it through a regular media player, I can only jump between tracks, and not inside a track (e.g. jump 15 seconds back). I can open the player and move the bar with my finger but it’s uncomfortable and imprecise. That’s why I thought about an audiobook.
On another forum people informed me on an app that can play mp3 files that are on my phone as podcasts, so I’ll give it a shot too.