Exporting record albums with multple tracks


I am new to using this forum and first must ask, How do I find any answers to my question?

I am using windows 10 and have Audacity version 2.3.2.

I have downloaded over 60 albums to CDs and iTunes with great success but I think there must be a better way to enter the Album Artist and Album name when exporting multiple WAV tracks using labels. Right now I have to enter the Artist and Album Name on every exported track. Right now each track only shows the song title from the label… Is there a shortcut to enter the Artist and Album name just once?

Thanks to all for any help you can provide…


When I transcribed my LPs and tapes I found that iTunes was a much better tool for handling the metadata


I’m not sure about WAV files… I use MP3Tag (for MP3s) and you can tag all of the common information in an album or file folder at once (including the artwork). It works with most audio formats, but last time I tried it on WAV it didn’t work. :frowning:

In general, tagging for WAV files is not well standardized or well supported. If you want to stick with lossless, can you use FLAC? Metadata/tagging is well-supported for almost all compressed formats (both lossless and lossy). But, every format has it’s own different standard so overall it’s a big mess!

Google found [u]8 Free MP3, AAC, Flac, MP4, Wav Metadata Tag Editors[/u], but MP3Tag is the only one I’ve used.


I have downloaded over 60 albums to CDs and iTunes with great success

If you record or digitize a vinyl record or cassette you’ll have to tag the files yourself. Same thing if you steal (record) from YouTube or some other streaming service, or if you copy the music from videos, etc.

If you download songs from iTunes or Amazon, they will already be tagged.

If you rip a CD the ripping software will usually find the information in an online database and automatically tag your files. (You shouldn’t be “recording” CDs because direct-digital ripping is faster and lossless, assuming no errors.)

But if the file is tagged automatically, sometimes you may want to edit the existing information.

I am using Windows 10 & Audacity 2.3.3

I am really enjoying using this software. I know that you can export individual songs, but how do I add metadata for each song?

Secondly, When I export the whole album (I do both in my music collection) do I need to delete the individual labels or can I just leave them in there? If they are left in, do they show up with the data attached?

Thirdly: can I export to a FLAC lossless format? That is what I have my CDs in. (I really don’t want to lose quality). How? Do I need a plugin?

Last, is this software compatible with Exact Audio Capture (EAC) ripping software? Can I export to WAVE and then us EAC to convert to FLAC?

Are you using “Export Multiple”, or “normal” Export?

Exported audio files contain only the audio, not labels.

“File menu > Export > Export Audio”
Then select “Flac files” as the export format.