Exporting - Please IGNORE Periods in File Names!

Hi all, I created this account just to post this. Been using Audacity for well over 10 years now, and one of the most recent updates that changes how exporting goes has irked me to the point where I feel like I need to share my frustration.

Previously, when exporting, I could type whatever I wanted in the file name field, and Audacity would append the file extension at the end. Cool. Great. Love this.

Now in 3.4.2, when I’m exporting, if I type a “.” in my desired file name (for instance: artist - song name (feat. other artist)) , it automatically cuts off anything else I type after that first “.” (in this case, “feat.”, meaning it would be “artist - song name (feat.mp3” which is not desirable. This occurs unless I add a second period later on and then it puts the file extension in the correct place. This is super annoying! Why was this ever changed?

Additionally, I don’t really understand why the metadata editor was placed under its own button. This adds unnecessary extra steps into my workflow.

Anyway, sorry for complaining. I get that there’s usually a reason for change, but hopefully this isn’t intentional behavior.

Because putting extra periods is bad filename hygiene. You may not care, but there are clients out there whose computers are not going to be able to manage a file with multiple dots.

There’s a list of those. Do you use slashmarks in your names? How about spaces? Those vary between awkward and forbidden.

It’s your job to make it as easy and reliable as possible for the client to use and enjoy your work. Audacity just decided to clean the process up a little.


Just worked fine for me on W10 with 3.4.2

But I agree with Koz that using periods as part of a filename is not really a recommended thing to do …


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