Exporting pitch with respect to time to Excel file

I know there was a post on https://forum.audacityteam.org/t/importing-from-excel-or-text/4293/1 and they made it seem complex (probably is). Is there any way of having pitch data export to something like this:

Time (s) | Pitch (Hz)
1 400
2 600
3 440
4 880
5 700
6 700
. .
. .
. .
If there is, how would I do this? If not, is there any open source program that you know of that would work?

Do you actually have one-second-long blocks of sine tones? Otherwise, what about the complexities of key signature or pitch detection in a piece of complex music, before we get to exporting it as data?

If you use Analyze > Plot Spectrum…, and choose an “Autocorrelation” choice or the “Cepstrum” choice you can export a text file containing columns for “Lag”, “Frequency” and “Level”. “Enhanced Autocorrelation” is probably the best choice for Pitch determination. That is all I know of, unless there are Nyquist Prompt methods.

It depends what your actual goal is. I don’t use it, but Sonic Visualiser has some export features.


Thanks, that works.

Which, Sonic Visualizer? Clear feedback from you may help other users reading this. :wink: