exporting only selected tracks?

I confess I’m an audacity noob. I have read the tutorial on exporting tracks, and tried it, but was left w/ a question.

As I understand it, each place I place a label will be seen as a separate track when I choose to split a recording into separate tracks in preparation for burning to a CD. However, what if I want to skip a track?

Here’s the specific scenario. In church service, the order might be as follows:
special song

So let’s say I place a marker right after the announcements (before the special), another after the special ends (before the offertory), another after the offertory (to mark the beginning of the sermon), and another after the sermon.

Now when I go to export, it’s going to see this as 4 separate tracks, but all I want is the special and the sermon. I presume the answer might be, well just put one before the special and another before the message, but then won’t that mean the ‘special’ track also contains the offertory (which I don’t want)?

I know another option is to simply highlight and choose export as wav, but thought there might be a better way.

Thanks for the help.

You can use “region labels” to mark the parts that you want to export.
To create a region label, select the part that you want to export and press Ctrl+B. http://manual.audacityteam.org/o/man/label_tracks.html