Exporting OGG with high Project Rates

Just curious but has anyone been able to export audio to OGG Vorbis using Project Rates higher than 200,000Hz? Currently I can increase the track Rate (On the track drop down options) higher than 200,000Hz, but if the Project Rate (At the bottom of the screen, I usually try to match it to the track Rate) to anything over 200,000Hz, Audacity crashes during export to OGG. I’m working with 32 bit Mono audio.

To duplicate, just import any audio, if it’s a stereo track, mix stereo to mono (Though it does the same with stereo tracks anyway), then increase the track Rate (The arrow on the track, don’t re-sample from the top menu) to any number over 200,000Hz (try 200,001), set the project rate to match (200,001Hz in this case), then export to OGG Vorbis using Quality set to 10, confirm the Metadata, then it crashes. It works fine if everything is set to 200,00Hz or lower.

I’m using Vista 32 Bit if it matters.

Thanks for the report. I’ll raise a bug report that Audacity crashes, however the specification for OGG is up to 192000 Hz - see http://xiph.org/vorbis/doc/Vorbis_I_spec.html .

The official oggenc.exe encoder in vorbis tools behaves in exactly the same way, encoding at up to 200000 Hz but failing at higher rates.