Exporting Not Working

I am using Windows 10. I am having trouble exporting to an audio file. Each time I choose to export to an mp3, the process will begin but it will not finish. I’ve also tried exporting to a .wav file and that will not work either. There are no error codes. I have searched my files to see if it is saving somewhere else, and it is not. The problem only appears to be with one file. I have tried exporting other files and it works fine. It is a 28-minute podcast that is having a problem. My computer storage is fine. I have tried opening a new file and copy/pasting the audio from the old file to the new, but that will not work either. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

It’s possible that there could be some data corruption that is stopping the export from completing.

Try selecting part of the track and then use “Export Selected Audio”. Can you export the first half of the track? Can you export the second half of the track?