Exporting & Naming

Using Audacity 2.1.2 with Windows 10

I’ve been unable to figure out how – if it’s possible – to export multiple labels (if that’s the correct term) and have them all have the same name other than the consecutive number that would precede the name.

My typical application is this:

  • I run a concert series and record the shows from the soundboard
  • That typically results in two recordings per show – each being a 45-60 minute set of a two set concert
  • I process the recordings with Audacity, and mark each place the overall set should be divided into separate tracks (i.e. so that each song is a separate file)
  • I then export the files – and would like each file to have the same name. other than having the number of each file (1-???) appear before the rest of the name

For example, I use the following naming practice:

  • 010117 Artist Name – Set One [meaning January 1, 2017 Artist Name – Set One]

Ideally, I’d like the individual files to be named:
01 010117 Artist Name – Set One
02 010117 Artist Name – Set One
03 010117 Artist Name – Set One
04 010117 Artist Name – Set One

Or anything similar to that.

Isn’t there a way that can be done by having to enter the following information once – with it then applying to every file exported from the full set length file – so that I don’t have to type “010117 Artist Name – Set One” for each separate file to be exported?

  • 010117 Artist Name – Set One


I’ve always done that by making the 01, 02 etc. part of my label.

But there is an option the Export Multiple dialog that allws for pre or post numbering in addition to the label text for the filename - see:
and look at the section titled “Name files” at the lower right.

The 1.2.x early series of Audacity did not have those options - hence my stat-out and continuance with integrating numeration into my label text.


Thank you!

Now, to make sure I’m not missing something (which I have a high chance of doing!) – Am I understanding correctly that each label has to be named (even if the name – other than the number that would appear before the name – is the same as all of the other files (songs) within the group that comprises a set?

Maybe I’m totally mistaken, but I though that – years ago, with an earlier version of Audacity – you could assign a name to the entire file (the full set long recording, in my case) and then that same name would be assigned to each individual song in that set, except that the number would change for each subsequent file/song (starting with 1 [or 01] and continuing upwards).

But it sounds like I’m either wrong about that being a way it could be done in the past or that it used to be an option but no longer is.

And it that CAN be done, I’m obviously missing how I’d do that.

I used to divide up the long recordings into individual songs, but it’s been years since I’ve taken the time to do that – with a few exceptions. And for those exceptions, I think I just let whatever the name assigned to each song occur, and maybe didn’t bother naming them by actual song title later or, if I did re-name them, did so with each individual song/file. But those exceptions have been so few, and so far apart – and I’m old!!! – that I just can’t remember IF I’d been able to do that, much less HOW.

Thanks again!

The nearest you will get is

010117 Artist Name -- Set One -01.wav
010117 Artist Name -- Set One -02.wav
010117 Artist Name -- Set One -03.wav

or whatever the export format is. To get that, choose “Numbering after File name prefix” and enter

010117 Artist Name -- Set One

in the text box.

Do you want to request a “Numbering before File name prefix” option?



I’ll give that a try.

While waiting for my previous post to be approved and to receive an response, I tried something that takes more time than if what I was hoping could be done was able to be done – but not so much extra time that it’s a major issue.

In the box for the first label, I typed what I wanted: “010117 Band Name – Set One”.

I then found that I could copy that name – which I did – and then found that I could insert my cursor into the box for the second label and hit Paste, and that put the same name in that box.

The original file – Set One – is around 47 minutes long and was divided into 15 sections (10 songs and 5 shorter between song patter/intro tracks), so pasting the same info into 15 label boxes probably took less than a minute in total.

Which is a LOT shorter time than it’s taken me to ask my questions and for those of you who’ve responded to do so. :slight_smile:

So I’ll try the way you’ve now suggested and find that that’d be fine, or if it’s not I’ll just do the copy and paste routine and be more than satisfied with that.